Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lotus Herbals introduces 10 new shades of PURE COLORS™ Lipstick

Lotus Herbals has introduced 10 new, stunning shades of PURE COLORS™ lip colors, under its Cosmetics Ecologique make up range.
 Lotus Herbals PURE COLORS™ range of lip colours is 100 % vegetarian, natural and safe and animal product free. It is enriched with botanical extracts of Aloe Vera and Jojoba.
 It is priced at Rs.245/- and is available in 32 shades at select premium beauty and department stores across the country.

PR release

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Makeup Fashion & Everything I like's National Giveaway

Hello Beauties,

Shourima from Makeup Fashion & Everything I like is hosting a giveaway to celebrate 50 GFC friends & 100th post.

To participate click here to win the awesome goodies!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Puja 30th Birthday Celebration International Giveaway

Hi Beauties,

Puja from Cute Nails is hosting a giveaway to celebrate her 30th Birthday where you could win lot of nail art stuff & imported goodies. To participate click here

Friday, July 20, 2012

One of the easily available eye shadow palettes in India-Meylon Paris Professional Velvet Touch Creamy EyeShadow Palette

Hello Beauties,

This eyeshadow palette that I'm showing you all today was gift from a friend. Though it says Meylon by Paris on the box, I'm not sure where it is made. I kind of have a love-hate relationship with palette because some of the colors show up & some don't.

The shimmery eyeshadows are my favourite! I'm not so fond of matte colors & I don't usually use them because they don't show up on me. The shimmery colors are the most used ones when I go for parties or weddings.

I once carried this palette along with me & a blue eyeshadow broke & ruined the entire palette. The applicators are just fine! I got a new eyeshadow palettte( will write a post on that later) recently & since then this hasn't been in much use.

There is a little fallout when used however this is far better than the Lakme Eye Quartet that I have interms of fallout. The size of the pan is almost like a 50 Paisa Coin & will last long.

The  shimmery eyeshadows  have a nice staying power for about 4 hours without a base & with a base will last for 5-6 hours & after that the color gradually lightens. The matte ones don't last more than 4 hours with a base.

Price: Not sure! But seen this around Rs.800 INR on Snapdeal.

This is how the swatches look

Phew!!! Dude this is such tiring thing- taking pictures of the swatches at different angles! Hats off to those guys who do it so beautifully!

Final Verdict: 
(1) This palette has nice beautiful colors that you could use to create any kind of look be it the Smokey, Indian, Arabic , Bridal or any day time look. It is a 28 color Palette that has both shimmery & matte colors.

(2) Easily available on Flipkart, Snap deal at discount or you could even check your local cosmetic shops for better discounts.

(3) The ingredients list shows it has Parabens, some people may have an issue with that.

(4) Decent staying power!

(5) A good palette for beginners! This helped me a lot when I started doing eye makeup.

Do let me know if you know any such affordable palettes(Except brands like Lakme, Maybelline, Revlon etc.) that are easily available & have so many colors.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel - "GOLD SPARK"

Hello Beauties,

It's been a while since I posted anything about nail polishes! There are so many thing happening in life & the blog is not just about nail polishes anymore which makes me think about changing the blog's name & I'm not sure when that would happen! Till then I'll go with the flow!

I got this Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel - "GOLD SPARK"

The nail color has this tiny subtle gold microglitter & becomes opaque with just two coats. It doesn't have streaky formula & dries up fast.  I tested this without topcoat & it was good for 4 days with just minimal tip fading. I'm sure with a top coat this will last little longer.

I have a golden Nail color from the "Simply Pretty" range from Avon called Glitter Gold which is more or like Copperish color with just a hint of Gold which isn't as pretty as The Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel - "GOLD SPARK".

Street Wear Color Rich Nail Enamel - "GOLD SPARK" is a nice affordable Golden color nail polish that every bride must have in her vanity case. I usually apply this when I have to go for parties & weddings.

To see more colors from the range & to buy them  from Style Craze click here

Thursday, July 12, 2012

LipGloss Affairs First National Giveaway

Hey Beauties,

Sangy from LipGloss Affairs is hosting a national giveaway to celebrate 100 posts on the blog, do check for there are lots of goodies to be won! To participate click here

L'Oreal Festive Eye Makeup Contest Winners

Hello Beauties,

I know you must be mad at me for taking so long to announce the winner, please forgive me! Since I had to take an expert's opinion for the selecting the winners, it took me so long!

Alright, Let's come to the point :)

Would like to thank all the participants for considering to send your gorgeous entries! Without your active participation & enthusiasm, this contest wouldn't have been a success! I Mean it Girls!!!

Some of you had sent beautiful entries however since the creativity couldn't be captured properly on the camera, had to choose other entries over your's. That's doesn't mean somebody is not creative, it's just that the pictures were not clear enough to know basic things like blending & application.

Hope you all understand! Also, since I'm very grateful to you all, I wouldn't disappoint you. All the remaining participants will get 2 extra entries in my next giveaway.

The first winner is Nisha, here's her look

The Second Winner is Shourima! Here's her look 

And The Third Winner is Phanisri Jyotsna

All the winners! Request you to email me your address where the prize has to be sent out & do share with us picture of the prize when you get it. :))

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Online Homeware Shopping Destination- FABFURNISH

Hello Beauties,

Here's another post about my online shopping experience! This time it's a shopping site for furniture & homeware. Once you are married & settled into your new home, you try to make everything around beautiful, be creating relationships with people around or decorating your home or making sure you have everything at home & don't have to worry about not finding something you need at that hour!

The latter part of decorating & organizing your new home can sometimes be tedious & at the same time fun, one needs to hop from a mall to another to find the right stuff to organize.Young couples who set up their homes make sure everything they buy is of top quality & don't compromise on that. Even minute details like buying a set of table mats is of great importance for them! I'm sure most of married couples wouldn't disagree with me.

So online shopping sites for home ware & interiors have come to rescue! And one of them is FabFurnish

About Fabfurnish: FabFurnish is India’s new dedicated online shopping destination for furniture and home ware with a diverse range of products, ideas to grace your home and unmatched customer service. With their commitment to offer you a wide range of products that are value for money, they provide us a collection of unmatched styles and trends for our home.

For all those who have dreamt of a perfect home and get inspired by style, comfort and luxury, their reliable online shop and their world class customer service team would ensure that decorating our home is a hassle free and enjoyable experience.

My Experience shopping at FabFurnish: This was the first time I was shopping from an online home-ware  site & wasn't sure how the whole experience would turn out to be! So here are my thoughts & suggestions that may help!

Layout & Design:The layout of the site is pretty simple & makes the whole idea of navigating, browsing & ordering less complicated. The items are divided into categories & each category has a subcategory, the items can be chosen depending upon the brand we are looking for or the price range that we have.

Speed: Didn't face any issues while browsing or adding items to cart & completing the order. I had browsed the site so many times before confirming the things I wanted to buy but didn't face any issue with loading of the pages or zoom in or zoom out of the images.

Products: The products are all chosen keeping in mind people's individualistic styles & preferences & needs. For eg. young mommies who don't have the time to go & buy stuff to decorate their kids room can easily order stuff from the Fabfurnish Kids section.

Pricing & Discounts: The site has all kinds of products suitable for high-end & middle-end needs. They have stuff which are less than Rs.100! Some products have discounts up to 40%.

Customer Service: The customer service was decent. As soon I placed the order I got an email confirming it. The next day I received a call from their customer service representative confirming the order & expected time of delivery. My order included two items but when I received the package one item was missing & when I sent an email, they responded back saying that the second item would be shipped within 15 days, they reason for the delay wasn't mentioned to me, however within 15 days the second item did reach me.

Payment, Packaging & Shipping: 
Fabfurnish supports Cash On Delivery (COD), Credit card, Debit card and Net Banking.
The items are neatly bubble wrapped & placed between thermocol sheets to avoid damage, the items reached me in perfect condition.
The package was shipped through Aramex.

Delivery Charges: Shipping is free!

Few Suggestions: (1) When more than 1 time is ordered & if one of them is out-of -stock, the customer needs to be notified about it, I was shocked when I got only 1 item! Only when I emailed I was told I would get the second one within 15 days without any reason mentioned! It's always better to inform the customer before he gets worried if there is any product delivery delay with a reason mentioned.

(2) The second item I received is a water jug. It didn't have any instruction manual or any other paper mentioning about the handling tips. There was a round rubber thing inside the jug, I didn't know what to do with that, all I could guess was it had to be placed at the rim but I'm still not able to figure out how to fix it properly.

Final Word: Fabfurnish has a comprehensive collection of homeware & furniture all under one roof. It has items to suit everybody's style be basics to classic style collection. If you would like organize your home while relaxing at home & want to buy unique range of premium & affordable  lifestyle products this is definitely a site you must visit!!

To shop go to their site here

Visit them on Facebook here

Received gift voucher, however that hasn't affected my review

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Adira Period Panty- a pragmatic approach to avoid staining during those days

Hello Beauties,

I have been always writing reviews for cosmetics, skincare & nail art & other stuff, however this is the first time I'm gonna be talking about a normal but sensitive topic-Hygiene during periods.

We all know how important it is & how Young girls and women have been facing the problem of staining the longest time in history without a solution till now. Not only is a stain embarrassing, it is also un-hygienic as stains left on furniture or sheets can be a thriving ground for bacteria.

Research also  shows that young girls are missing on school and activities during periods due to the fear of staining. They also do not perform as well in exams if they have their periods due to added stress.

Like any other women,  Deepa A Kumar, a 34-year-old  Bangalore based telecommunications engineer also felt the need for a solution for the problem of period stains & invented the Period Panty which was named Adira.
 Adira means strong! Isn't the name very apt! Since we all believe women are strong.
Deepa had been working on the idea for more than a year. The Bannerghatta Road resident was a part of the software industry before venturing into the garment business three years ago. 
She was interested in clothes and had done lot of research on different kinds of fabrics. When she decided to start a business,her  focus was on maternity wear & her company was  the first to make maternity salwars.

Here's what you need to know about a period panty:

Price: Rs.250 INR

Sizes: From XXS to XXXL

What is a Period Panty ?
Well, they are just like regular panties; except they are leak-proof. With Adira Period Panties, you don’t have to worry about staining sheets, clothes or furniture. And there is no need to fret, they are made of 100% Cotton and are SUPER COMFY and are 100% Safe to Use

Why should I use it ?
No one likes to leave a stain behind or have a stained behind. And what’s more, stains area breeding ground for bacteria. So Adira Period Panties keeps you clean and stress-free.

How does it work ?
The special fabric is made of 3 layers. The first absorbent layer, the second layer is the leak-proof layer and the third cotton layer. All the layers breathe to keep you cool and comfy

Why Boxer Fit on HIGH FLOW DAYS ?
The Boxer protects all the areas of staining, which are the Front, Back and Inner thigh regions.
The Boxer has a special inner layer that keeps the pad from shifting and crumpling.
This special layer works great with Pads and wings, Pads without wings and Tampons.

Why Hipster on LOW FLOW DAYS ?
The Hipster keeps the Front and the Back regions free from stains

Which one should I choose ?
We recommend the Boxers for high flow days, for women who are physically active and for school going girls
We recommend the Hipsters for low flow days and for everyday protection.

How do I care for them ?
Adira Period Panties are machine washable.

How many should I buy ?
We recommend you have a period wardrobe of at least 2 boxer and 2 hipster fit Adira Period Panties.

My Two cents:

During school days, I always enjoyed going to the classes & never wanted to stay back at home to feel bored. Always wanted to enjoy being with my friends & have fun. So during the periods my mom used to make sure I carried extra sanitary pads during  the heavy flow days. In spite of that, I used to sometimes ask my friends to walk behind me  for a few steps to see if my school skirt was stained, to avoid embarrassment( Oh I also need to mention I studied in a co-ed school). However be a co-ed or girls school,it is really awkward for a girl.

When in school there were times when I felt I needed to wear an extra underwear to avoid staining, but because of the though of discomfort, I refrained most of the times. 

My Experience:

I got the boxer fit & used it during heavy flow days. The boxer  is bit thick probably because it has extra leakproof layers to prevent leaks and stains on bedsheets and clothes.

The fabric is 100% cotton and the leakproof layer is breathable & doesn't make you feel uncomfortable & gives a snugger fit. The elastic around the waist is of high quality & stretches to your exact fit & doesn't make the skin irritated. 

When one wears it, it just feels like a regular but secure kind of panty that holds your pad firm & secure. It doesn't cause any irritation on the inner thighs. Often girls complain complain about rash & irritation that leads to marks, but this doesn't irritate the skin at all.

When I used it during heavy flow at night time, the first absorbent layer got stained but it didn't  get transude to the other layers. The boxer protects the front, back & inner thigh areas from staining.

I thought the boxer would shrink or change it's shape after wash because of the thin plastic kind of  inner layer but it didn't. Since it has 3 layers, when I put it for drying in the  balcony during rainy season & there was no sight of sun for 2-3 days, it didn't dry completely it was little moist.

The best part is that, this can be used with Pads and wings, Pads without wings and Tampons. And it has instructions written  which guide you to use it.

At times when I had to attend a party, the mere thought of staining my party wear would make me think twice about attending a party or a wedding. But now I can give this boxer a try when donning party wear.

So, this is like a blessing during periods, no more worries about staining at school, workplace or staining the sheets. This is like a  pragmatic solution for  the staining during mensuration which is a major problem for women across all age groups.

Do check their website to see the collection & order one for yourself here

Here are links to demonstrate how it works:
Breathability Test :

P.S : Right now they are offering a 30% discount on Marron & Brown Colored Period Panties.

PR sample

L'Oreal Festive Eye Makeup Final Entry-17 "Teal Temptation by Pooja

Hello Beauties,

So Here comes the final entry for the contest by Pooja a Delhi based beauty blogger who blogs at  Indian Beauty Central

She is an awesome makeup artist & so passionate about this art that she blogs after coming back from work. Trust me! When I used to come back from work, I wouldn't even feel like moving a glass!!! Kudos to you Pooja!

Pooja had created few gorgeous looks & titled them 101 Eye makeup looks ,has also been featured on Cosmopolitan magazine for her amazing talent. Do check her blog for the 101 Project!

Here's the look she wants to share with all of us, she has named the look 'Teal Temptation'

Products Used

NYX HD Eyeshadow base
Colorbar I define pencil Flirty Turq
MAC Teal pigment
Lakme eyeshadow quad- Moondust
Bourjois ultra curl mascara
Maybelline Eye studio gel eyeliner
Coastal scents eye makeup brushes and Oriflame eyelash curler
Lakme glide on eyeliner turquoise



Step 1. Apply NYX HD eyeshadow base all over lids and blend.
Step 2.Smudge colorbar I define pencil Flirty Turq all over the lids to create a base for the teal eyeshadow.
Step3. Use an eyeshadow brush and dab on the MAC teal pigment all over the lid.Do not extend the shadow above the lids.
Step 4.Use a crease brush and take the plum-brown shade from Lakme moon dust quad and apply on the crease.
Step 5.Use a clean eyeshadow brush and apply silver shade from the Lakme moon dust quad all over the brow bone and extend it to the arch of your eyebrows and blend  in with the plum brown shade on the crease.
Step 6.Use an angled eyeliner brush and apply Maybelline  eye studio eyeliner and create a winged line on the upper lash line.
Step 7.Apply lakme glide on Tourqoise eyeliner on the lower lash line.
Step 8. Use an eyelash curler and curl your lashes and finish of the tempting teal look.

Good Luck Pooja!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

L'Oreal Festive Eye Makeup Contest Entry-16 "Pink Passion" by Yendrilla

Hello Beauties,

Here's another beautiful entry by Yendrilla from I AM SHE. To have a look at her first entry click here

Products used:

1.Lakme Eye Color Quartet Shade Botanica
2.Lakme Eye Color Quartet Shade Silk Route
3.VLCC kajal
4.Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick Shade Astral blue
5.Maybelline Hyper Curl Volume Mascara
6.Lord And Berry Ingklam Shade Black
7.Basicare Eye Lash Curler


Apply Lakme Shadow Artist Shimmer Stick Shade Astral blue all over the lid.Blend the Brown color from Lakme eye color quartet shade botanica all over the lid.
Then I have applied half portion of my lid with magenta color from Lakme eye quartet shade silk route ..I have used Lord & Berry Inkglam Black as a liner to get a shiny look as it is a leather finish liner.. have used VLCC kajal  as Kajal on the lower lash part.I have ended up with Maybelline Hyper Curl Mascara and curled my eye lashes with basicare eye lash curler.

Yendrilla, this looks very pretty, I have a dress with the same color combo, will try this look when I wear it. Good Luck for the contest :))