Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Online Homeware Shopping Destination- FABFURNISH

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Here's another post about my online shopping experience! This time it's a shopping site for furniture & homeware. Once you are married & settled into your new home, you try to make everything around beautiful, be creating relationships with people around or decorating your home or making sure you have everything at home & don't have to worry about not finding something you need at that hour!

The latter part of decorating & organizing your new home can sometimes be tedious & at the same time fun, one needs to hop from a mall to another to find the right stuff to organize.Young couples who set up their homes make sure everything they buy is of top quality & don't compromise on that. Even minute details like buying a set of table mats is of great importance for them! I'm sure most of married couples wouldn't disagree with me.

So online shopping sites for home ware & interiors have come to rescue! And one of them is FabFurnish

About Fabfurnish: FabFurnish is India’s new dedicated online shopping destination for furniture and home ware with a diverse range of products, ideas to grace your home and unmatched customer service. With their commitment to offer you a wide range of products that are value for money, they provide us a collection of unmatched styles and trends for our home.

For all those who have dreamt of a perfect home and get inspired by style, comfort and luxury, their reliable online shop and their world class customer service team would ensure that decorating our home is a hassle free and enjoyable experience.

My Experience shopping at FabFurnish: This was the first time I was shopping from an online home-ware  site & wasn't sure how the whole experience would turn out to be! So here are my thoughts & suggestions that may help!

Layout & Design:The layout of the site is pretty simple & makes the whole idea of navigating, browsing & ordering less complicated. The items are divided into categories & each category has a subcategory, the items can be chosen depending upon the brand we are looking for or the price range that we have.

Speed: Didn't face any issues while browsing or adding items to cart & completing the order. I had browsed the site so many times before confirming the things I wanted to buy but didn't face any issue with loading of the pages or zoom in or zoom out of the images.

Products: The products are all chosen keeping in mind people's individualistic styles & preferences & needs. For eg. young mommies who don't have the time to go & buy stuff to decorate their kids room can easily order stuff from the Fabfurnish Kids section.

Pricing & Discounts: The site has all kinds of products suitable for high-end & middle-end needs. They have stuff which are less than Rs.100! Some products have discounts up to 40%.

Customer Service: The customer service was decent. As soon I placed the order I got an email confirming it. The next day I received a call from their customer service representative confirming the order & expected time of delivery. My order included two items but when I received the package one item was missing & when I sent an email, they responded back saying that the second item would be shipped within 15 days, they reason for the delay wasn't mentioned to me, however within 15 days the second item did reach me.

Payment, Packaging & Shipping: 
Fabfurnish supports Cash On Delivery (COD), Credit card, Debit card and Net Banking.
The items are neatly bubble wrapped & placed between thermocol sheets to avoid damage, the items reached me in perfect condition.
The package was shipped through Aramex.

Delivery Charges: Shipping is free!

Few Suggestions: (1) When more than 1 time is ordered & if one of them is out-of -stock, the customer needs to be notified about it, I was shocked when I got only 1 item! Only when I emailed I was told I would get the second one within 15 days without any reason mentioned! It's always better to inform the customer before he gets worried if there is any product delivery delay with a reason mentioned.

(2) The second item I received is a water jug. It didn't have any instruction manual or any other paper mentioning about the handling tips. There was a round rubber thing inside the jug, I didn't know what to do with that, all I could guess was it had to be placed at the rim but I'm still not able to figure out how to fix it properly.

Final Word: Fabfurnish has a comprehensive collection of homeware & furniture all under one roof. It has items to suit everybody's style be basics to classic style collection. If you would like organize your home while relaxing at home & want to buy unique range of premium & affordable  lifestyle products this is definitely a site you must visit!!

To shop go to their site here www.fabfurnish.com

Visit them on Facebook here www.facebook.com/fabfurnish

Received gift voucher, however that hasn't affected my review


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