Thursday, July 12, 2012

L'Oreal Festive Eye Makeup Contest Winners

Hello Beauties,

I know you must be mad at me for taking so long to announce the winner, please forgive me! Since I had to take an expert's opinion for the selecting the winners, it took me so long!

Alright, Let's come to the point :)

Would like to thank all the participants for considering to send your gorgeous entries! Without your active participation & enthusiasm, this contest wouldn't have been a success! I Mean it Girls!!!

Some of you had sent beautiful entries however since the creativity couldn't be captured properly on the camera, had to choose other entries over your's. That's doesn't mean somebody is not creative, it's just that the pictures were not clear enough to know basic things like blending & application.

Hope you all understand! Also, since I'm very grateful to you all, I wouldn't disappoint you. All the remaining participants will get 2 extra entries in my next giveaway.

The first winner is Nisha, here's her look

The Second Winner is Shourima! Here's her look 

And The Third Winner is Phanisri Jyotsna

All the winners! Request you to email me your address where the prize has to be sent out & do share with us picture of the prize when you get it. :))


Thank you for all the lovely comments. You guys make my day.