Sunday, December 23, 2012

Soleful Sunday!

Hello Beauties, Hope you all are doing good! Just got some "me time" so decided to quickly do this post! I hope you enjoy the pics! These flat shoes are from Catwalk!

The shoes have pointed  tips with a bow like pattern in the front & the blue colored part is suede. These are very easy to slip on & so comfortable. But the only problem that I have wearing shoes is the shoe bites that I get, but I'm planning to use the Scholl's cushioned adhesives next time I wear these.
Also, these attract some dust by the end of the day, so just make sure you wipe them & keep them in a box.

Price: Rs.  INR 1295( Paid Rs.1295+ Rs.5 tax= Rs.1300 in total)

Color: Blue

Thanks! Would do another post soon!