Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Me MIA???

Yeah Beauties, I know some of you may be wondering where have I disappeared! Well, there are two reasons!
One is I Got Married, yeah you heard it correct- I'm now a "Missus". This wasn't planned, I was on a vacation when I got to know that my fiance's family wanted us to get married, so I headed back & got married.
The second reason is since this is a fasting month( Ramzaan) for us Muslims & since most of time we are involved with prayers & recital of the Holy Quran, I wouldn't be able to do posts!

I will get back to regular posting in a month! Till then Ciao!


  1. OMGGGG!! Congratulations Uzma!!! Thats a wonderfulllllllllll news....share pics..please please!! :* :* God bless you both!! Have a wonderful married life ahead!! :) :) :)

  2. wow that is a suprise. Congrats on your wedding.. Have a wonderful life, come back soon :)

  3. Congrats dear and Ramadan Mubarak

  4. I see. Yes, I was wondering why I don't see you so much these days. Looks like we are all going MIA in turn.!! Good to see you back again dear.

    Holy Ramzan to you. may God be with you

  5. @ Cali, thanks a ton! Will let you know once I get the pictures :))
    @ Sumitha! Thanks for the gifts buddy! Have been using the lipsticks, the colors are gorgeous :))
    @ Rakhshanda Thank you :))
    @Indgal Thank u so much buddy :))
    @BD Thanks a lot & Apko bhi Ramadan Mubarak :))
    @Nivedita Thanks a ton for the wishes,hope you are doing good :))

  6. hey congratss uzmaa !! dats awesome :))

  7. Congratulations Uzma ... Such a good news it is :) njoy

  8. hey Uzma,congrats!!wish you all the hapiness forever......:)))come back soon miss you!!!

  9. congrats Uzma...wish you a very happy married life :)


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