Monday, July 25, 2011

Picture Polish Blog Fest- Razzle Dazzle & Electric Blue

I have got the wonderful opportunity to be part of the International Picture Polish Blog Fest scheduled for July 25th 2011& I’m so elated about it. Unfortunately I’m on vacation & wouldn’t be able to do a complete review of the nail colors so here’s a small review of the nail colors that were sent out to me as part of the Picture Polish Blog Fest throughout the world.

Picture Polish was created when two girls dream't of giving their family & friends a thank you gift that would capture a special occasion. What better way to relive a moment than with a personalised nailpolish, that was quirky & vibrant, that stands out from the rest!

So without further ado, I'll go ahead & tell you about the nail colors :))

The first one is like transparent polish with some micro glitter, its called Razzle Dazzle & looks great. This would be apt for those occasions when you don’t feel like applying dark pigmented nail colors. This can be used as top coat on your regular nail polishes if you feel the need for shimmer on your nails.

The second one is nice pigmented matte blue color which is called Electric Blue, it looks great when you are out for clubbing or partying. It’s got a nice brush that makes the application smooth without any mess. The color doesn’t streak  & is quite opaque if 3 coats are applied, but starts to fade in 3-4 days but considering that I do the usual household chores, I think this wouldn’t be the same for others who don’t do the chores. The only thing I don’t like about such pigmented colors is that they stain the nails even after you apply a base coat, but can’t help it since most of the dark colors I have used stain the nails & removing the color becomes a tedious task.

I  like the nail colors a lot & hope you like them too!
Do visit the picture polish website to a have look at the wonderful nail color collection.
P.S : This is a scheduled post since I’m on a vacation.


  1. hi uzma......lovrd the blue waala..just two min ago sw ur born pretty waala post and was abt to ask u ki where have u been?and voi;la u posted!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. happy blog fest !! i am loving electric blue

  3. Electric blue looks soooo pretty! <3 thanks for the review uzma :-)

  4. thnks for d review uzma !!!

  5. oo..electric blue is awesommee..loved it..
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