Wednesday, September 28, 2011

First gift I received on my Wedding-Thank you Sumitha

Hello Beauties, I know I haven't been regular with the posts! I miss blogging a lot! Things change after you get married & live with your in-laws! I love the new change but at the same time miss my blogging days!

I had to thank Sumitha from Be Beauty-licious for my marriage gift :)), it was long over due! She is indeed a sweet heart! Yeah she did send me the giveaway products & they reached me just before my marriage, can't thank her enough for the new additions to my vanity case! I was so elated when I saw the products! She kept following up until I got my package!

I  had won the giveaway on her blog in the month of June & received these wonderful Rimmel Products which we don't get in India.

Wanted to share with you all the pictures!
Sumitha! Thank you so much for the lovely note!

Shalini, Shivani, Swati- Thanks a ton for the wishes! :))

P.S - Sumitha, I have used the lipsticks so many times & love them! 


  1. all the products look really good..lookin fwd to see yr posts again

  2. wow...great gifts :) so are you back to blogging?

  3. @Rids Thank you will definetely try to do some posts :)
    @bhumi Thankyou :)
    @Swati, Thankyou, yeah trying to squeeze in some time for blogging :)

  4. oh btw enter the Yardley giveaway running on my site in case you are not aware of it...I'm closing it tomorrow :)


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