Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sponsored International Giveaway by BoBeam- Wanna win products made of natural ingredients?

Hello Beauties,

Here's another exciting International giveaway sponsored by the generous Laquita from
BoBeam(Bo-Bee-Um) products shop.

Bobeam's specialty is shampoo bars made with all natural ingredients. The shampoo bars contain no SLS or SLES, detergents, surfactants, or sulfates. They are all-natural, 100% vegetable soap, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and biodegradable.

Bobeam from the Ghanaian language Twi means 'the way it was created' and it characterizes all of the shop items - they are all handmade.

So here's your chance to win a goodie hamper which has
 1.One Shampoo bar(Winner could choose any fragrance)
 2.A Hair Tea(Winner could choose any fragrance)
 3. One 2.Oz Shea Butter pack(Winner could choose any fragrance)

Source:Bobeam products

Hair Tea, Souce: Bobeam products
Shea Butter Souce: Bobeam products

Shea Butter Souce: Bobeam products

New to shampoo bars?

Well they work just like shampoo, but are just in a bar form :o) Just gently message the bar on wet hair - around the perimeter of your head, so starting from the edges inward. If you section your hair lather up each section. Once the lather forms, shampoo your hair as usual. This only needs to be done once, but for those who are heavy-handed with products like I am, feel free to lather again :o) Remember to follow with a conditioner after washing.

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