Saturday, June 23, 2012

L'Oreal Festive Eye Makeup Entry-8 by Ritu

Hello Beauties,

Here's another beautiful entry by Ritu from the blog The Dusky Indian Beauty

Ritu, has started her blog specially keeping in mind, the day-to-day problems a dusky Indian girl faces in her life in relation to make-up. She wants to bring confidence among girls with dusky/ dark skin tone who are frequently looked down upon to appreciate their beauty.

Ritu, I have seen so many dusky beauties with such clear skin & gorgeous features during my college days, I used to envy them, I see no reason why they are looked down upon, it just some people's mindset that has to be changed & I wish you all the success for your endeavour.

Alright girls, here's Ritu's entry

Here's the product breakdown:
1. Inglot under-eye concealer
2. Inglot eye make-up base
3. VOV 98 shades eyeshadow palette
4. L'Oreal super liner carbon gloss-Black
5. Maybelline Colossal kajal
6. Maybelline Colossal mascara-waterproof
7. Brushes- a. Vega eyeshadow brush
                  b. vega eyeshadow applicator
                  c. Ambika Pillai pencil brush
                  d. elf eyeshadow belner
8. Vega premium eyelash curler

  1. apply inglot under-eye concelaer under the eyes to conceal dark circles
  2. apply inglot eyeshaodw base over the entire eyelids
  3. apply shade no. 1 (blue) on the lower half of eyelids
  4. apply shade no. 2 (green) above shade no. 1, on the entire breadth of the lid
  5. apply shade no. 3 (glittery nude) under the brow bone
  6. apply shade no. 1 on the lower lash line
  7. line the lashes with L'Oreal cuper liner carbon gloss eyeliner
  8. apply Maybelline Colossal kajal on the lower lash line
  9. Curl the eyelashes with the Vega eyelash curler, and apply Maybelline colossal mascara

Ritu, I like this look, the colors are unique & beautiful! Good Luck :)

P.S  Girls, there is a similar contest running on Ritu's blog, click here to know how to enter & win prizes.

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  1. thank you soooo much Uzma for that lovely intro to my blog, and for posting my pics...and I now have my fingers crossed!!!


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