Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shifei Deep Cleansing Nose Strips

Hello Beauties,
I got these Shifei Deep Cleansing Nose Strips on my recent visit to a local beauty store & have been using them for a while so here's my take on the nose strips.
These nose strips are manufactured by a Chinese company called Guangzhou Shifei Cosmetics Co., Ltd which is a specialized cosmetic company which develops, produces, and sells professional skin care products.

What does the company claim about the nose strips:  Shifei Nose Pore strips offer you a one step solution to help remove blackheads & unclog pores.

Price: Rs.90 INR for 10 Nose strips.


My Experience using these strips: These strips are very easy to use, the pack has all the instructions listed on it, it's just like using the wax strips, you just need to peel off the strip, apply it on wet nose & wait for 10-15 minutes & peel it off. Everytime I have used these strips, I  observed that most of the black as well as white heads come off, though there are few which are left behind. This works best after you have bath. I have attached a few pictures after the strip is peeled off.

Final Word: Although these don't completely remove all the black & white heads but I'm still happy using these because these are much better than the Biore nose strips that I have tried & are also less expensive when compared with Biore( Biore is Rs.35 for 1 strip & this is Rs.9 approximately). I'm definitely going to repurchase this until I find something that works better than these.

P.S Do you girls also sneeze when you peel off the nose strip! Yeah I do ;-)


Thank you for all the lovely comments. You guys make my day.