Friday, December 2, 2011

How to order Kaya products- A step by step pictorial guide

Hello Beauties, I often order the Kaya Fairness Facewash(100ml) from the Kaya website, I have been using this facewash for almost an year, so wanted to show how I order it online, hope this helps someone who wants to make an order.

STEP 1: Go to the Kaya Clinic Homepage & click on the desired range you are looking for, since I chose Fairness range, the arrow points to it.

 STEP 2: Once you see the different products from the fairness range, you need to click on the option BUY ONLINE below the desired product.
STEP 3: Once you click on the BUY ONLINE option, you will be directed to Rediff website. You need to click on the ADD TO CART option.

STEP 4: The next step is about proceeding to the CHECKOUT.

STEP 5:  The next step is about entering either your rediff or gmail id & click Continue.

STEP 6: Updating the address where the product has to be delivered.
STEP 7: Need to choose the payment options, I chose Net Banking.

FINAL WORD: The only advantage of shopping Kaya Products Online instead of visiting the store is you save Rs.20 INR I had no issues with the packaging however the delivery is very slow, I ordered this on 17th November & got it on  24th November, it took 8 days for the product to be delivered, there are so many other websites that offer 3 days delivery, hope the company( Kaya) takes a note of this.

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