Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The winner of the piCture pOlish Giveaway is

Hello Beauties I'm sorry for the delay in announcing the results, I was busy with Eid (festival) preparations & all. Thank you all for the support & participation. I got 100 entries & the winner is :

                              43. Sarah Crawford
Congrats Sarah :)) , I would be emailing, please do respond within 48 hours  else  I need to chose another winner.

Thanks again girls :))


  1. Congratulations to the winner!!

    Hmmmph!! Again, I did not win :(

  2. Aww Niv, will have some more giveaways soon, hope you win next time buddy :) I know how it feels when you participate & don't win :) Trust me, until now I have only won one giveaway hee hee :))
    Good Luck buddy :))

  3. Congrats sarah..U had won one of my giveaways too..U real lucky in it..I hope u win more in future :)

  4. congrats! Nivedita there are tons of giveaways going on currently on different blogs.

  5. Thank you girls, I feel so lucky! lol.


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