Thursday, March 31, 2011

Biore Pore Pack for Black Head Removal

Hello Beauties, On my recent visit to the local H&G stores, I found these small packets lying in a corner. The Pond's nose strips that I had used don't work at all, so when I found this imported nose strips, I decided to give it a try & got only one pack.
There is no description or  product claim or the ingredients list. On one side of the pack are the instructions to use it & on the other side there are precautions to be taken mentioned.

Price of one strip- Rs. 35 INR( I found this expensive considering it's the price for just 1 strip)

Available at- Health & Glow stores.

My Experience- The pack has all the instruction about the usage printed on it, so it's very easy to use. I just followed the instructions & applied it & waited for it to dry for 15 minutes & removed it. The procedure is  just like getting your hand waxed with wax strips but less painful. The strip does remove most of the black heads but I could still see some left on the nose. So I think  this strip would work best if used after taking steam or  hot shower.

Will I repurchase this: Yes Definitely. I would use this after taking steam to get rid of the black heads.


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  1. Hey Uzma, you have such a cute template.. me loving it soooooooo much :)

    This is a nice and unique product you have reviewed here but I am too scared about the pain !!!!

  2. Aarthi, Thanks for the compliment. Yeah when I tried to remove the strip, I had tears in my eyes, just a little bit of pain for few seconds.

  3. wow, this is a very nice product. i have never seen this brand at my place. i should find a similar one. :)

  4. Bulbul, try the Health & Glow stores, they should have them :)

  5. wow...seems to be nice one na uzma...


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