Thursday, November 29, 2012

"The Classic Indian Bride: Eyemakeup contest"

Hello Beauties,

Another eye-makeup contest for the beauty & makeup enthusiasts! I present to you the  "The Classic Indian Bride: Eyemakeup contest" which Zestful Nails is holding in collaboration with Divassence & Stylecraze.

So here's your chance to win a NYX Gift Hamper worth Rs.1000 which includes the Nyx nail polish - gold sparkle, nyx ultimate pearl eye shadow - Salmon Pearl .

Most of the work including choosing the theme & drafting the rules for the giveaway everything has been done by Deepika from Divassence. Thanks a lot Deepika :)

The Theme: Bridal Makeup(You can choose any bridal style be it a Muslim Bride or Punjabi or SouthIndian Mangalorean bride or a Christian Bride etc. but do make sure you mention it when you send in the entry)

I don't own the pic, took it from Google

1. Send in two clear pictures of the eyemakeup (eyes closed and eyes open respectively); the colors used should be visible.
2. A picture of the products used along with the swatches
3. You can also recommend particular shades of blushers or lipsticks that would go with the eyemakeup for the benefit of readers.
4. Your eyemakeup look should have a creative title along with the list of products used. Instructions as to how to go about achieving the look is optional. 
5.You can submit a maximum of 3 entries to either Zestful Nails or Divassence (The combined number of entries on both the blogs should be 3 at the maximum)
6. You need to follow Zestful Nails through GFC.

You can send in your entries to my email id  (uzma(dot)zestful(at)gmail(dot)com)and once it is published on the blog, it will also be uploaded on Stylecraze. Once we've finalized the entries, voting will be open on Stylecraze and the look which garners the maximum no. of votes will be declared the winner. The contest is open only to residents of India.

Note: We strongly oppose plagiarism and only original entries will be considered. If we find your entry to be fake or taken from somewhere else then you'll automatically be disqualified.

The contest starts on the 29th of November and the last date for submitting entries is 25th December 2012. From the 26th, your entries will be put up for votes on Stylecraze and the results will be announced on 1st January 2013.

P.S I just remembered a few observations from the last eye makeup contest I hosted, do make sure you read them before you send your entries:

1.Some of the participants were putting up the pictures of the eye makeup before the host(the blog owner) hasn't even put it up on the blog, the participants need to understand that the looks are posted in the order they are received, so don't get impatient & wait until it's posted on the blog. Otherwise the entry will be disqualified.

2. Some of the participants were modifying their looks & posting it on other blogs( A participant just changed the way the eyeliner is applied & put it up on another blog). This is definitely not going to be accepted & the entry will be disqualified.

Disclaimer: If any one of the rules aren't followed Zestful Nails has the right to reject the entry. The contest is sponsored by Stylecraze & Zestful Nails has no control over deciding the prizes. The final winner will be chosen only on the basis of votes on Stylecraze. ! Zestful Nails blog has no role in deciding the winner. 


  1. I will definitely participate coz i like the your theme.Hope you won't make changes in this contest voting system nor extent entry submission date coz i dunno about others but i personally count & wait every day for the final result.

  2. are the products shown the prize? as a nailpolish for an eyemakeup contest does not make sense and just an eyeshadow( that too not of the winner's choice) would not motivate many eye makeup enthusiasts like me to participate and then beg for votes.. I hope u understand. I think giving them us 1000 rupee nyx voucher would be more appropriate!

  3. Wow it's a fun contest!! May the best win!!
    I am not good at makeup so I would not participate but I would definitely be a part of it soemhow. Thanks.


  4. i will definately enter your contest:) im super excited!!


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