Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pyjamas, Nightgowns or Baby Doll – The Big Nightwear Debate

When it comes to what we wear in bed, we all have personal preferences. Whilst some of us prefer the comfort and warmth of a traditional pair of pyjamas, others prefer the freedom of a nightie – presuming we choose to wear anything at all that is!


The thought of being tucked up, wearing a pair of cosy pyjamas as the wind rattles outside is enough to get us all wishing for our beds. Pyjamas come in a wide variety of styles, sizes and materials; ranging from fitted, silky and sexy to baggy and comfortable. Generally speaking pyjamas are made of soft materials and are designed to provide comfort and warmth whilst asleep.

With the winter coming, pyjamas can be a good choice of nightwear for the simple fact they are cosy and warm. In the summer when the nights are much warmer you may want to opt for alternative sleepwear options that are cooler – such as nightgowns – or for pyjamas made of thinner, cotton or jersey fabrics.


Similar to pyjamas, nighties come in a huge variety of styles, sizes and materials. A silk nightgown is soft on the skin and exudes luxury and sex appeal whilst a good cotton nightgown can balance practicality and elegance.

If you have a tendency to sweat at night and feel hot under the bedclothes, then opting to wear a cotton nightie will certainly be advantageous. As cotton is a natural fibre it has the incomparable advantage of being breathable and, unlike its silk or synthetic counterparts, allows the skin to breathe; aiding a good night’s sleep.

As nightgowns are typically loosely fitted and are usually flowing instead of tight, most are extremely comfortable. Whether it is a thick cotton flannel nightgown that does you proud in the winter, or a lightweight cool cotton night dress that is ideal for those warm summer nights, nighties can feel great on the skin and provide maximum comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

Baby Doll

If your choice of nightwear is designed to do something other than facilitate sleep, there is nothing quite as sexy as baby doll sleepwear. Baby doll night dresses are typically sleeveless, extremely short and flared at the bottom with see-through materials and frill detailing common features. These are ideal for those looking to bring some passion to the bedroom and come in a range of flattering styles for those of different shapes and sizes.


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