Monday, October 22, 2012

Soleful Sundays!- A new feature

Hello Beauties,

I'm planning to start a new feature called Soleful Sundays! I always drool over footwear, anytime I walk around in a mall or any other place, the first thing I notice is a woman's footwear, then the makeup & next comes the clothes! & to bring some excitement in my life, I'm gonna be sharing pictures of the footwear that I own!

This feature should have started yesterday, but me being lazy as usual postponed it for today, but I'll make sure from the next post, the pictures would be shared on Sundays!

The one that I'm showing you all now is pair that I got from Lifestyle!

This Sandal is from the brand Ginger.

Price: Rs.595 INR

Size: 37

Color: Pink

 Description: This pink colored pair has rhinestones in the front & the straps to fasten the sandals & have  grip. These are very comfortable while strolling around malls or parks but the one thing that I dislike is, unlike slipons these cannot be removed easily, you need to first unbuckle them to remove the footwear! But this is a very pretty girly pair that I own!

Hope you like this feature!


Thank you for all the lovely comments. You guys make my day.