Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Instant Matifying Cream

Hello Beauties, I have been using the Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Instant Matifying Cream for a while now & thought it's the right time to write my experience using the cream.

What does Revlon Claim about this cream: 
Skin looks visibly fairer instantly after application
Shine-free mattified look all day.
Every day skin is exposed to harmful UV rays that penetrate deep into the skin intensifying the melanin   protection. This accelerates the skin darkening process and results in aggravated black spots which in turn cause dark, dull and dehydrated skin.

How does Revlon Touch and Glow Advanced Fairness Instant Mattifying Cream Work?

Instant mattified fairness: Infused with mattifying agent that gives a shine free look all day, making your skin look fairer instantly after application.

Defuses black spots: Infused with skin lightening agents (Lotus Extract, Bearberry Extract and Licorice Extract) which help to defuse the aggravated black pigment spots.

Maintains skin's moisture balance: Contains Vitamins A, Vitamins E, Provitamin B5 and Fuco Gel that moisturises the skin all day.


Net Weight: 40gm
Price: Rs.195

My Experience( Instead of putting long paragraph like post ;-) I'll write it down in few points):
I have dry skin & this post is about how it works for dry skin.

1. This comes in a nice tube packaging, however every time I tried to squeeze the tube, a large amount of the product came out( as if there was some air filled into- hope you all understood what I'm trying you), I used to rub the extra amount on my hands.

2. It has nice mild soothing fragrance.

3.The texture is thick & gets absorbed easily during summers when compared to winters.

4. I tried using this during winters but it made my dry skin even more dry, so I had to keep it away until summers started. During summers I used to apply it on my bare face & dust some powder over it but within a few minutes I would feel sweat on face.

5. When I compare this with the Oriflame Essential Fairness cream that I used & reviewed here , I found the Essential Fairness cream to  be light  in texture & easily absorbed & quite affordable too. I could use the Oriflame Essential Fairness cream anytime of the year without feeling dryness.

6. Yeah it does make the skin look little fair instantly but that wasn't my priority. During winters if I moisturise my face & use this on top of the moisturiser, it would definitely give a  smooth matte effect  without making the pores visible, something which I desired.

7.Hasn't caused any irritation nor resulted in break outs.

All in all I think this wouldn't suit dry skin, I'm going to continue using the Oriflame Essential Fairness cream as base for makeup because it works for me  all seasons throughout the year.


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