Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Marks & Spencers Shower Gel- Waterlily

Hello Beauties,

Today's post is about this shower gel that I have been using for sometime. It's the Marks & Spencers Shower Gel- Waterlily.

M&S's claims about the shower gel: Specially formulated with natural extracts of waterlily this foaming shower gel will cleanse your skin as you shower to help leave it soft & smooth.

To use: Apply to your body & using a gentle massaging action, allow the fragrant lather to cleanse your skin.


Price: No idea, got this from UK  last year. Searched the site as well but couldn't find any! Could be around £1.00-£2.00.

My Experience: 

1. The shower gel comes in a nice 250ml handy transparent sturdy plastic bottle with a hook to hang & a flip cap to dispense the shower gel.

2. It's light pink in color & runny in texture, lathers well! One would need 2-3 dime size of  the amount for a bath. It kind of leaves a slippery feel even after rinsing it 2-3 times.

3. The fragrance is floral which isn't too-overpowering. Water lilies are spring and summer bloomers, so this makes the whole experience invigorating.  Having said that, I need to add that the fragrance doesn't last for long, it just lingers for an hour or two!

4. It doesn't dry out the skin, it effectively cleanses it.

5. Travel friendly & leak proof.

Final Word: Though it's an average product, I love using this in summers because it cleanses the skin without making it dry & the smell makes it a delightful indulgence. If you are bored with your regular shower gel, just for a change you could try this!

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  1. looks like a nice product


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