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Lanikai Handmade Hawaiian Soap - Guava

Hello Beauties, Today I would be reviewing this wonderful Handmade soap from Lanikai Bath & Body, this is the first handmade soap I have ever tried. Honestly I have never cared to understand how these hand made soaps are different from the regular synthetic soaps. But after using this hand-made soap,I would say kudos to those people who put in so much effort to make these soaps.
Alright, let me introduce to you all to these wonderful people from the beautiful beach town Kailua in Hawaii who make these handmade soaps.

About Lanikai Bath & Body: In the Hawaiian language, Lanikai literally means “royal sea” or “heavenly.”
The Lanikai Bath & Body group was founded by Gloria Garvey & Brook Gramann. According to the group the handmade natural Lanika Bath and Body products are created using only the finest natural ingredients from Hawai`i. The Lanikai Bath and Body collection contain pure essential oils, distinctive blends of fragrances, and the finest ingredients nature has to offer.
The products were created in partnership with an expert in both horticulture and natural skin care, who has been formulating body care and spa products for more than 25 years. They take special pride in the scents, which replicate Hawaii's beautiful flowers perfectly. 

Gentle and nourishing and featuring 18 different scents and close to 100 different products, the Lanikai Bath and Body line of Hawaiian made products is the most comprehensive body and skin care line in the islands. All of their products are natural, botanically based, cruelty free and safe for the environment.

About the Handmade Soaps from Lanikai: Lanikai Bath and Body soaps are handmade in small batches to produce a mild, rich, soothing soap that's creamy with a long-lasting lather. Pure Hawaiian water, saponified oils of coconut, palm, soy and sweet almond, rosemary seed extract.

Handmade with organic and natural ingredients in Hawaii. Exotic infusions of locally harvested herbs and flowers Soothing Hawaiian oils for daily use and sun kissed skin 100% vegan, sulfate, paraben and phthalate free, no heavy perfumes or alcohols.

Where to shop from? The link to their online store is here They are available on Facebook too.

So here's my experience using the handmade soap with the Guava scent.

What does the Lanikai group say about these handmade soaps: "Our Lanikai Bath and Body soap bars are handmade from scratch using the 'cold-process' method. Scented using only pure, aromatherapy grade essential oils. 100% natural. The gentlest, silkiest soap. In the most amazing Hawaiian scents"

Price: $6.50 for 4o.z Bar..

My Experience:
1. Colour: The color of the soap is like a combination of ripe & unripe guava & looks yumm!

2. Fragrance: Indeed, the soap smells like guava & isn't too overwhelming, it has this natural smell of guava that makes you feel like eating it :) The smell makes the bath an uplifting experience, unlike most synthetic soaps it doesn't make me sneeze because of the strong fragrance. The fragrance doesn't last for long, it stays good for 2-3 hours & I'm Ok with that because synthetic soaps do have a smell that stays longer because of the presence of chemicals & these homemade soaps are all natural without any chemicals.

3. Ingredients: These soaps are "Au Naturel"! These soaps are free from chemicals, parabens, sulphates(SLS), Alcohol, Animal Fat. They are hypoallergenic(meaning less likely to cause allergy), they include infusions of locally harvested flowers, herbs & oils. These are naturally Anti-Bacterial because of large concentrations of Coconut Oil & has Olive Oil which is rich in Vitamin E &other nutrients. The soaps are Bio-degradable.

4. Texture &Moisturization: The soap lathers & cleanses pretty well & rinses off easily &  doesn't become soggy at all ( I thought it would become mushy but it didn't). It moisturizes well & doesn't make my skin dry, & like the Lanikai group claims it is indeed a gentle & silky soap.

5. Shipping: They ship anywhere in the world and are known for our beautiful gift wrapping (free!)- ideal for all occasions. They use USPS Flat Rate shipping, so it makes their shipping costs very reasonable.

Would I recommend this? Yeah definitely!

Product sent by the brand, however I guess I had  to pay the duty tax on these items to pick them up.


  1. wow beautifully expained... the soap sounds good...

  2. I love handcrafted soap.I tried making soaps a few times at home,that daunting experience made me truly appreciate handcrafted soaps...and guava flavored soap, that sounds yum!

  3. Thanks Rids :)
    IBC, Really! You tried making them :) I'm loving this soap :)

  4. Yeah Aarthi,these smell yumm & tempting :)


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