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Organoderm Organic Raw Sugar Exfoliator

 I have been using the Raw Sugar Exfoliator from Organoderm for sometime now & here's my take on that. Before that a little about how Organoderm came into existence.

Edward Jonas Domanskis  a practicing plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, California has worked on the research and development of the Organoderm Skin Care products for over ten years.

The products are in larger sized offerings than the traditional skin care products now on the market to reduce our carbon footprint with less containers in the environment and offer more quality product at an overall less expensive price per ounce to the consumer without impacting efficacy. 

Additionally, ingredients selected are harvested in a manner to protect our delicate eco-system, to preserve and sustain natural botanical sources and the surrounding fawn and flora.  As a doctor, the amount of harmful chemicals used in skin care was a driving force to present to consumers a line that was composed of the safest and highest nutritional ingredients for skins of all ages and conditions.

Organoderm is the first plastic surgeon developed and recommended product group to contain certified organic USDA products and natural bio-active/certified ingredient formulations.
All products  certified by the Circle of Green are identified as earth/environment/skin friendly.

Organoderm also contributes a percentage of all products to Breast Cancer Research in memory of Dr. Domanskis’ grandmother who died from breast cancer and in support of the fight his mother-in-law is now waging against the disease.

Organoderm stands for:
O organic, natural bio-actives products with outstanding results
R recyclable, environmentally conscious packaging
G goal to give you the best skin possible
A awareness and responsibility for our planet is part of the company’s philosophy
N nutrition for healthy, glowing skin
O offerings for consumers that are exclusive to Organoderm users
D dr. developed, approved, and recommended
E education on all aspects of using green products and living green
R research ongoing for expanded organic products
M money saving product sizes and free recycling program for users

Here's the link to the website

Here's my take on the Raw Sugar Exfoliator:

What does the company claim about this exfoliator: This exfoliator helps remove dead, dry skin and impurities built up from the environment. It Freshens- Resurfaces - Brightens the skin

INGREDIENTS: Organic Raw Cane Sugar, Organic Olive Oil, Organic Sesame Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Sweet Orange Oil, Organic Cucumber Extract, Organic Watercress Extract

Key Ingredient BenefitsCertified Organic Raw Cane Sugar: Natural, gentle, micro-fine exfoliator which removes dry, flaky skin.
Certified Organic Beeswax: Used for centuries to lock in moisture and keep the skin hydrated
Certified Organic Olive Oil: Highly emollient and rich in polyphenols.  A natural and powerful anti-oxidant against UVB sun rays.
Certified Organic Shea Butter: Natural lipid keeps skin healthy and moist for a smooth, soft texture.
Certified Organic Cucumber Extract:Soothing agent for skin.
Certified Organic Watercress Extract: From the leaves of a white flowered water plant with anti-oxidant ability.
Certified Organic Sweet Orange Oil: A revitalizing and energizing natural essence.

Price: $30 for 132g

USE: Use in a.m. and p.m. for face and rough flaky body areas such as knees, elbows, feet and heels.

My Experience: The scrub comes in a white colored tub. When I opened the tub, I found the raw cane sugar settled at the bottom & the oil on the top. I had to mix everything using a tooth-pick before I could use it. I used the scrub before bath & could feel my entire body oily because of the presence of the oils like Olive Oil & sweet Orange Oil, Shea Butter etc. The scrub smells more like Orange peel with little hints of Olive Oil as well. The scrub kind of makes the body oily because of the presence of oils, after scrubbing I had to wash my body with a body wash to get rid of the oiliness. I had to cleanse it twice because one wash didn't make the oiliness vanish. I tried this scrub wet under running water, it melts before I could scrub, so a word of caution don't stand under shower & use it. After the wash I could see my skin felt fresh & taut & it got rid of the dead skin & looked moisturised. I didn't feel the need to use a moisturizer after that.

Pros of the scrub:
1. It's a slippy scrub & not pasty or thick which wont be nice when you do the massage.
2. Didn't cause any itchiness or left any scratches on my body.
3. Makes the skin the smooth & supple after bath.
4. Doesn't dry out the skin & makes it look hydrated.
5. Doesn't stain the bathroom.
6. Formulated with naturally bio-active and organic ingredients.
7. The packaging is developed with recyclable components.
8. Ingredients selected are harvested in a manner to protect our delicate eco-system, to preserve and sustain natural botanical sources and the surrounding fawn and flora.

Cons of the scrub:
1. As it has Olive Oil as one of the ingredient, it gives a greasy feel. Had it been Almond Oil it wouldn't be so greasy.
2. Doesn't suit the sensitive skin & can't be used on the face.
3. If the lid isn't properly closed, it will attract ants ;-)
4. Need to use a spatula everytime I need the scrub, otherwise if I dip my fingers & take it out the scrub gets into the nails.

Final Word: I like the way this exfoliator works in getting rid of the dead skin, however the only thing that puts me off is the greasiness ( because of the presence of all the precious oils) after scrubbing which vanishes only after I rub the soap rigorously.

Product sent by brand for consideration.

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