Saturday, June 11, 2011

Hail Monsoon Garden

With Onset of Monsoon & the wonderful weather in Hyderabad, I couldn't forbear doing a post on my small Minuscule garden.
Last year when I was going thorough a rough phase of my life, I wanted to keep myself occupied with something that is creative & at the same time that would calm my mind.
I didn't have a huge place to do gardening, so I decided I would buy a small pot & plant something & keep myself busy to nurture it.
I started off with a beautiful Rose plant & soon bought some more Ornamental plants.
You don't need a huge investment to bring happiness & serenity in your life!

The big plastic pots cost somewhere around 30-40 Rupees & the smaller ones could be somewhere around 25-30. I got the bigger ones from a Horticulture Expo(Plant mela) & the smaller ones from a local shop.
The bigger ones that you see in the pictures are of good quality, the color of the pots doesn't change or wear out.
In Summers, you need to be extra careful & water them twice, intense heat &sun can damage them.
So instead of making this post long, I'll share the pictures of my minuscule garden with you all.

P.S : I would like tag all my friends to do a garden post, It'll be so nice see everybody's garden, Please!


  1. oh love the roses uzma .. i hav a rose plant too. ..

  2. Very pretty!! Love too have lots in my garden <3

  3. i used to plant lots of roses but i dont think i have green thumb, they were all dead within months :-/

    Rinz @

  4. Those are all so pretty! I wish I had a garden :) Cute blog, have a nice weekend!

  5. Beautiful garden it :) Congrats dear

  6. @Rakhshanda, Thanks & please do post your garden pics.
    @Rinz Aww too bad they died :(

    @Vintage Makeup Thanks, you too have great weekend :)


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