Monday, June 27, 2011

Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel-Charming

Hi Beauties, I have been sent out the Enchanteur Perfumed Shower Gel  Charming which is marketed & imported by Wipro Ltd & here's my take on that.

What does the company Claim about this Shower Gel: The rich foamy lather with its unforgettable lingering fragrance moisturizes & cleanses, leaving you feeling refreshed & beautifully clean. 

Availiability: Available at most of the super markets like Spar & Big Bazar

Variants: Available in Charming & Romantic.

My Experience with the shower gel: 

Packaging: The shower gel comes in a off-white colored bottle, it's the regular packaging of the Enchanteur products. The bottle is sturdy & has a flip cap to control the flow of the shower gel. The bottle is travel friendly & can be carried when you are on a vacation or travelling for other purposes. Since this doesn't come in a see through bottle, you may not know when you run out of it someday.

Texture: The shower gel is thin in texture & appears like a transparent brown gel. It's very runny & lather wells.

Price: Affordable at Rs.140 INR for 250 ml, Also available in 500ml. The 250 ml will last for at least a month & half with regular use.

Cleansing & Mositurising: Since the shower gel lathers good enough, it cleanses the skin well but you end feeling that a soapy film is left behind & have the urge to rinse it again & again. It neither dries out or moisturizes the skin.

Fragrance: This is the most disturbing thing about the shower gel. Unlike the body lotions & body talcs from Enchanteur, this doesn't smell anything like flowers, to me it smells like a strong men's shaving cream. 

Final Verdict: This is an ordinary shower gel, nothing extraordinary about it, the fragrance is very unappealing & is major turn off. I would have ignored the soapy film part had it been a pleasant smelling shower gel. However I would suggest their hand & body lotion & talcs since they are little better than this.

PR Sample


  1. urgh ! shaving cream smell !!! turn off !!! me ll try their talc powder

  2. The packaging looks pretty!!!
    Great honest review Uzma :D

  3. Nice review..Uzma..too bad this smells like shaving cream..

  4. @ Rids, yeah it's a big turn off.
    @ Rakhshanda, thanks for the appreciation :)
    @ Pooja Thanks buddy :)
    @ Prachi,too bad I can't use it bcoz of the smell!

  5. i want to try a perfumed shower gel i always have a fruit scented or based one :)
    i followed ur blog, hope you can follow back ;)
    Im having a Giveaway Pls Join ;D

  6. Oh...I thought they smell nice - I don't remember what it was that I smelled..whether it was talc or a spray, but it was very nice. Guess they changed something when it came to the shower gel version :(

  7. Rads, I tried the talc & hand lotion, they smell good but this is nowhere close to them :(


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