Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Lotus Color Dew Nail Enamel ( Rich Auburn)

Most of the nail colors have Big3 components in their composition.
Toluene, Formaldehyde & Dibutyl Phtalate(DBP) are the Big3 componets.

Effects of Acetone, Formaldehyde, DBP and toluene on nails
•Acetone removes the natural shine of nails as a result nails starts to look yellow & dull.
•High exposure to Formaldehyde causes nasopharyngeal cancer in humans under certain circumstances.
•DBP causes birth defects,  Interferes with normal hormone balance and disrupts endocrine system 
•Exposure to toulene could result in nervous system problems, irritation of the eyes, throat and lungs, and possibly reproductive abnormalities

In India Lotus Herbals have introduced the toluene, acetone and DBP free nail paints called the Color Dew Nail Enamels.
Color Dew nail paints are available in 34 shades.

Price: Rs.95 INR for 8ml.

I have tried the shade Rich Auburn( 971) & this is how it looks

My Experience: This color is copper with micro copper & pink glitter which isn’t too visible & looks opaque to me. I found the nail color thin in formula but it goes very smooth. The long flat brush provides good control & ease of application. One needs 2 coats of the polish to get a nice pigmented color. This stays without chipping for at least 4 days. 

Reasons why I adore this nail color
1. Free from the side effects of toluene, acetone and DBP.
2. Flat brush which provides easy application.
3. The Nail polish bottle look cool, it has a nice slender long brush for application.
4. 2 coats would be enough to get a nice color.
5. Doesn’t take too long to dry.
6. Doesn’t have a streaky formula.
7. Decently priced.
8. Nice  shade names to identify.

Reasons why I abhor this nail color

Will I recommend this? Yeah, the Color dew range has so many colors to choose from  &   the application is so much easy & fun & best part is it doesn’t have the harmful substances like toluene, acetone and DBP.

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  1. woww..such a pretty shade Uzma!! :D :D

  2. thats a gorgeous shade...kinda looks like the color u get when u apply henne on your nails...this is super super likey..! :)

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    @ Fathima, Yeah the mehendi color looks gorgeous :)
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