Monday, May 2, 2011

Lakme Jewel Eyeliner

Lakme Jewel Eyeliner- This Eyeliner is from the bridal range of Lakme. I have got this last year & if you look at the pictures, it still looks new because the only time I use them is when I go to parties & also because I keep the bottle in the same case it has come with.

What does Lakme claim about this eyeliner Bejeweled eyes set ablaze by liquid gems.
 For eyes sparkling with festive preciousness.

Shades: On the website there are only 4 shades( Opal,Jade, Bronze, Onyx) showing up but I guess there are 6 shades in the market. I have got Jade.


Shell life: 2 Years

Price: Rs.225 for 6ml

My Experience: This eyeliner comes in a nice sturdy clear glass bottle with a twist cap in golden color, the packaging is definitely apt to the Indian Weddings. The brush is thin & it helps in getting a thin & precise line on the lids, it also helps in getting a thicker line if one wants to apply it little thick. The eyeliner dries quick & doesn't lead to any messiness. It stays put until I remove it with a make up remover. I won't say it's waterproof but when I run water over the liquid liner it just stays the way it is, even rubbing  a little bit doesn't make any difference. The color looks very festive & shimmery when applied.Whenever I have applied this at a party I have found people staring at my eyelids.Sometimes when I don't feel like applying eyeshadow I just apply this little thick to give a dramatic look. The only problem I have is that it creases on my oily lids.

Final Word: I love this eyeliner a lot, have applied it numerous time to weddings. So if you are bored applying your regular black liquid eyeliner & want some festive shimmery colors, you should try these.


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  1. i would like to try the opal. i am a sucker of blue. :P

  2. Bulbul,Yeah, blue looks nice! Actually this reminds me I don't have a blue liner, I should get one :)

  3. Pretty shade, i never tried this liner but your great review is tempting me to try it out. Thanks :)

  4. Thanks BD, I like this a lot but the only con is it creases on my oily lids :)

  5. I have the onyx, while I like the product itself, I was looking for a shimmery black. The Onyx turned out to be more of grey and not true black. Love the product though. Great review

  6. Thanks Nivedita! :) I haven't come across a nice shimmery black eyeliner, do you know any other brand which has those eyeliners?

  7. I wanted to buy the Opal for sometime but wasn't sure if it was good enough,thanks a lot for the review :)

  8. Swarnali, Glad my review helped you :))


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