Sunday, April 10, 2011

Simple Nail art for Beginners

Hello Girls, I'm back with a simple nail art that any beginner can try! I found my work to be little clumsy today but I still wanted to share it.
This is how I did the nail art.
1. Apply base coat & paint your nails with your favourite color I used Avon's Juicy Plum shade.
2. Take paint brush number 00 or bindi brush & start drawing line to make it look like a Chamomile flower on the ring finger. I'm not doing it on all fingers because I felt it would either look garish or OTT.
3. After making the flower, I placed a dark purple rhinestone in the middle of the flower to complete the look. Apply a top coat & you are done.

So Girls, Hope you like this. Do give it a try because you won't need many tools to do this. Its very simple :))


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  1. Thanks Bidisha, I was just looking at your video,it's so lovely :)

  2. Thank you Sumitha, I will be doing the hand writing Tag tomorrow morning :)

  3. Haina Fuchsia!! It was very easy to do :) Shukriya

  4. Thanks Dr.Shivani, you could give it a try, it's easy :P

  5. its simply amazing dear loving ur nail arts ur so talented :)))) much love

  6. Its beautiful,the nail color is a very pretty one too :)

  7. @The Glam World Thank you so much for the kind words :)
    @Bhumi, thank you :)
    @Areej Thanks,yeah the color is very pretty :)

  8. That shade is so pretty! The nail art is super cute :)


  9. Yay! Easy designs! I'm going to try this tonight :D

  10. uzma...lovely...will try this sooonn dear :)

  11. Thank you Varshini, do try, it's very easy :)

  12. Lovely tut and you have a pretty blog space here Uzma :)


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