Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Polka dotted Konad Nail art

Hello Beauties, Here is yet another attempt of mine at Konading. Shalini wanted to see the complete tutorial, so I tried taking some photos of the step by step procedure. This is somewhat similar to doing polka dots on the nail with a tooth pick or dotting tool, but that would be tiring & sometimes can get messy too. Hope you all like this one.

How did I do the nail art?
(1)I applied base coat first & then painted my nails with a nude color by Avon.
(2)Used Konad plate m60 & applied Konad special nail polish in red to the desired design.
(3)Take the Konad scraper & scrape across the design plate to remove excess polish.
(4)Press stamper across the design to pick it up.
(5)Stamp the design on the nail.
(6)Apply top coat on the entire nail & you are done.



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  1. oh..seems to be easy..nice!!

  2. hey where can i find this kit in Pakistan....:(

  3. Areej, I have no idea about Pakistan, I'm from India :)

  4. Wow! so simple and so cute! <3 :-) i think some body said that some indian website is selling konad items! wait let me check IMBB once

  5. Thanks Fuchsia, not as good as yours :)

  6. lovely one uzma... me need to buy konad...super cute :))

  7. Thanks Varshini, yeah buy it, you can try lots of designs :)


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