Friday, April 22, 2011

Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Gloss

Hello Beauties, Today I'm going to review Maybelline Color Sensational Lip gloss. I'm more of a Lip balm person, my regular everyday make up  includes applying Kajal, or sometimes eyeliner & a lip balm. So the only time I use a lip gloss is when I go to a party.
The Color sensational range has been a huge hit, I guess this range was launched sometime around July 2010, the lipsticks from this range are still a rage!
The lipgloss range is divided into the shades Plums, Naturals,Pinks,Reds.

I got the shade 625 Wine All Mine, I never realised until I checked the Maybelline website that this shade comes under Reds ;-)
According to the Maybelline India Website there are 10 shades available in the Color sensational Lipgloss range.

If you want to have a look at the swatches click here

What does Maybelline claim about this Lipgloss:  
Sophisticated color and shine
Lips feel luxuriously soft and supple with nourishing honey nectar
Expert Tip
Use the wand to apply lip gloss starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to outer edges of your lips, following the contour of your mouth. Follow the same technique for your bottom lip.

Price: Rs.250 for 6.8 ml

My Experience: I got the shade Wine All Mine which is like a light, reddish purple shade, the main reason I got this dark shade is because they would be suitable for parties. The Lip gloss is shiny &shimmery in texture & looks beautiful without being OTT. The gloss comes with a precision tip & it's is easy to apply. I like the fact that the  texture is not goop. The packaging is too simple, the gloss comes in a transparent glass tube without any shade or the brand name. There is sticker with the shade name & number in small letters at the bottom of the tube.

Reasons why I adore this Lip gloss:
1. I absolutely love the color. It's a nice pigmented shade with hints of little shimmer.
2.  Available in 10 different shades.
3. Reasonable priced at Rs.250.
4. It's non-sticky gloss with a light strawberry smell & is tasteless too ;-)
5. It stays on the lips for at least 5 hours without any food intake. It leaves behind these tiny shimmer after food consumption & make the lips look shiny.

Reasons why I abhor this Lip gloss:
1. The packaging is very simple & doesn't have the ingredients mentioned.

Will I reccomend this Lipgloss: Yes, definitely, if you are somebody who doesn't like Lipsticks & want a lip gloss at a reasonable price with lots of shades to choose from, this is for you! This is more of a party wear gloss!

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  1. Lovely shade!!Wanna give it a try :D

  2. I have it in hooked on pink :)

  3. @Rakhshanda Thank you dear :)
    @Bhumi,what is your take on that? :)

  4. Hey uzma.. :-) lovely colour. Me have 'hooked on pink' and i loooove it.. <3

  5. very good product. i wanttt it. :P

  6. Hey Siri, thanks sweety, I tagged you but you were on vacation at that time, so couldn't remind you, no problem you can do it at your convenience :))

  7. Kuheli Thanks buddy :) Yeah you can give a try! Most bloggers have these lipglosses or lipsticks from the range, I haven't tried the lipsticks :)

  8. :-)) :* will do it very soon.

  9. lookz amazing ... m gonna give it a try ...thankz dear 4 posting :)))))


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