Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to make use of your Old Pigment

Hello Beauties, Today I would like to introduce you all to a beautiful trick of reusing your pigment. 
If you are getting bored with your regular nail polishes & want to have some fun, take out those pigments out & convert the pigment into a nice nail color. Here is the trick to do that.

Step 1:  Take some pigment on a white paper or you could use directly from the box.

Step 2: Take some pigment using a Q-tip & start dabbing on the nail.

Step 3: Take a clear coat & apply it on the nail. It’s better not to use your expensive top coat to avoid spoiling it, because a lot of pigment gets stuck to the brush. I used some unknown brand top coat.

Step 4: Let this dry & once this dries, apply your regular favourite top coat & you are done.

So this is how I achieved the copper pigment nail color. ;-) Hope you guys like it.

P.S There is another way of doing it. You can just mix the pigment & clear coat on a paper & apply that, but I found the above procedure easy.


  1. nice...which pigment u used uzma ? I mean brand ? n wer u got it from ?

  2. Bhumi, I'm not sure if it's a brand, when I went to a local beauty store I saw these small boxes with Covergirl written on them. Just ask local stores you should be able to get these :-)

  3. nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnice Uzma....................................:) the color is beautiful

  4. @ Zeeba, Thanks buddy :-)
    Try this Cali, it's so easy :P

  5. Very do u get it so smooth and even?? I'm sure I will make a mess of it!

  6. Scarlett, It might look messy when you apply the pigment but once the clear coat is applied, it'll look smooth. Do try it, it's easy :)

  7. Very pretty and I haven't seen such a wise use of pigments so far :)

  8. It looks so nice.. will try it for sure :)

  9. Aarthi, give it a try, I'm sure you'll like it :)


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