Friday, April 20, 2012

Guest Nails of the Day :))

Hello Beauties,

I know it's been long since I have done any nail art, behold today post is a nail art done by a dear blogger friend. DRUM ROLLS!!! I'm so pleased to introduce a fellow nail art blogger-Puja !

Puja is a passionate nail art blogger & a professionally trained nail artist who owns a nail art studio named "cute nails studio" at Saharanpur(Uttar Pradesh). She is a multi-talented woman! Apart from nail art, she is into glass painting, candle-making, gift-wrapping & did a special course in cookery too!

So here I present a beautiful nail art done by Puja! It's step-step by tutorial, do check it out. So over to Pooja!


This nail art is hugely inspired by Indian wedding dresses and can be done using any color. I am doing this in peachy pink , golden and light blue combination.

Polishes and embilshments used:

1.Tips & Toes, starburst range,112,simmer.
2.L.A. colors Topcoat.
3.NYX nails Basecoat.
4.Half  pearl beads , light blue.
5.steel balls, golden. stick or a toothpick.

P.S. half pearls and steel balls are bought from bornpretty store.

STEP 1: First apply basecoat and paint your nails with Tips & Toes, starburst range,112,simmer.

STEP 2:  For thumb and ring finger:

while the base color is still wet add half pearl and steel balls to your nails using orange stick as shown in the pic.
P.S. do one nail at one time and if your base color gets dry apply a top coat and then add your emblishments.

STEP 3: Add more golden beads forming necklace as shown in the pic below

STEP 4: For rest of fingers

Make a flower usind golden beads and half pearl as center towards the cuticle. add one bead at bottom of your flower to show the drop as shown in the pic.

The Final Look

sorry!aah my camera doesn't picking the light colors
but the design is looking amazing in person.

Isn't it beautiful! Puja has done so many other types of nail art, to see them, do visit her blog at 

She just started blogging & needs our support, do leave a comment on her tutorials, I'm sure she would love to read them.

Thank You  Puja for the wonderful tutorial!


Thank you for all the lovely comments. You guys make my day.