Tuesday, May 17, 2011

NOTD with Pretty 3D Nail Stickers

Hello Beauties,

I know I haven't been doing any nail art these days, the summer heat is making me tired & lazy. I have also observed that the more nail art I do, the hands & the nails get better care. So I decided do a NOTD today.

The procedure is very simple. Just have to do a French Mani & then use these 3D nail stickers from Born Pretty Store to get this beautiful look.

Born Pretty store manufactures nail art products and sell them at the best &lowest price. The Customer Service at Born Pretty is awesome, the store owner is very prompt in replying to all the queries.
The Best part about the Born Pretty Store is the world wide free shipping provided by them.
The products are nicely bubble wrapped & mailed to you.


  1. so cute Uzma. How do you actually use the sticker? More details would be helpful to dud like me

  2. @ IK & BD thank you buddies :))

  3. @ Nivedita, that's not so tough buddy, it's just like peeling a bindi sticker & applying it on the nail.

  4. so how long does it stay put?

  5. @ Nivedita, just for a day & once in contact with water they keep falling off :(

  6. Love the NOTD...very cute bows..


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