Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gift from " mon fiancé "

Hello Beauties,

Just wanted to share a lovely gift from Mr.HIM! It's set of 2 fuchsia colored PVC vanity pouches, the small pouch fits into the bigger one!
I can carry the bigger one if I'm going on a trip & the smaller one looks nice for carrying the regular everyday makeup stuff.
I'm loving the color :D :D  I have no idea about the price & availability, I tried asking about the place but he keeps asking me to guess & keeps saying incorrect for each guess.. Grrr !
So I'll leave you with some Pictures of the pouches :)


  1. o maa! so cute! very pretty color, all girly! loving it. :))

  2. Wow this is lovely!! you getting married!! congrats girl!!

  3. Very Very cute and useful ... He must have thought a lot and got a great gift for you :D lucky girl

  4. @Nivedita I have been engaged for sometime, marriage isn't so early yet buddy :))
    @ Shalini Aww, thank u thank u :))

  5. Love your blog's header.

  6. @ Rids, thanks gal :)
    @ Sonia, Oh! you like it, thanks :)


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